What the fuck is it with you guys?

So now I have Edward Riley telling me than I haven't really had great sex until I've had Deep Connection Sex, and now you're saying the greatest intimacy has to involve domination and submission to one's intellectual equal. I'm surprised Joe Duncan hasn't said anything about how piss-poor my sex life is because I lack {insert superior polyamorous characteristic here}.

Pain and domination is not a requirement for a greater intimacy, Alan. I love to be with my intellectual equal; my equal in every other way. I'm a little weary of being told my sex life sucks and that I'm not quite the man I should be because my worship of Divine Feminine (something I've been doing longer than many of you) is not what you think it should be.

Looks like I'm too old and damaged and not fortunate enough to live the Life of Riley. Or Duncan. Or Hagel. You could read some of my non-fiction to see the Other Half lives.

Poet, essayist, fiction writer. As a sinner I unlock nothing but me.