In which the fallen deity faces his bete noir and concludes his quest.

A woman in gothic makeup holds a goblet in both hands

The saga of the formal minor deity, who named himself Peine after being condemned to mortality, concludes. Read Part I here, Part II here, and Part III here.

“We will likely hear from the High Priestess in the late morning,” said Darian. “The Samhain ritual lasts well into the night…

“Both men, oddly enough, separately expressed an interest in bringing another man into my bed”

Wispy image of a male vampire in a snowy background

The one-time immortal Peine begins to call in the favors owed him by fellow supernaturals in his quest to uncover who or what beguiled him and thus cost him his godhood.

The remains of the evening at the Ball passed like a blur. After the familiar-looking vampire revealed her knowledge…

In which the former god seeks aid from some (very) old friends. Yet will they remember him?

Woman dressed in a black ball gown and veil

Peine, once a minor deity and now a mere human male, seeks the entity which caused him to break the rules. Meet him here.

Every year on the Saturday preceding All Hallows’ Eve (if it falls not on that day), the vampires of the world and their kin gather for…


A paranormal enthusiast and Witch offers his view on (types of) life, death, and what lies between.

A white ghost of a female floats near an old staircase.

What Exactly is “the Paranormal?”

As always with such potentially nebulous or broad-stroke concepts, the answer will depend upon who you ask. Let’s ask Ms. Dictionary and see what she says:

: not scientifically explainable : supernatural


That’s a start. Continuing on, this time with Google:




adjective: paranormal

denoting events or…


Around 3:00 p.m. that day, a puzzle piece fell into place, and everything changed.

A black-haired woman and a gray-haired man stand beside each other.

While in Las Vegas at the ParaUnity 2021 convention in early December, I attended a gallery reading by world-renowned medium Cindy Kaza. Approximately fifty persons were in attendance.

I attended not expecting to receive a reading; I simply wanted to see Cindy do what she does because of my admiration…

A slight parody of surreal prose verse in the manner of art rock. Or is it?

A simple send-up of surreal singing from the halls of art rock

slyly disguised as a final(?) rant pretending it’s

a farewell but really well, fair enough instead I swipe left since

none of you not one of you will ever

swipe to my right.

I just wanna swim in…

Richard Steele

Poet, essayist, fiction writer. As a sinner I unlock nothing but me.

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